Why Aruba and Honduras Should be on Your Romantic Destination List

In the spirit of love and St. Valentine, I interviewed some Nigerian/African couples. I asked them to share one of their favorite destination experiences traveling as a couple, why they chose the destination and if they’ll recommend the destination to other couples. Here is Part 2 of a 3-story series. Want to catch up on Part 1 of 3? Click here

The second couple, also newlyweds, traveled from Houston, Texas to Palm Beach, Aruba.

Palm Beach, Aruba

Aruba has one of the best beaches in the world and I am glad one of the couples I interviewed experienced this beauty first-hand. I’m excited to hear about their experience in beautiful Aruba and what tips they have for other African couples and travelers.

Why did you choose that destination? We heard that Palm Beach was one of the best beaches in the world and we were eager to explore it. We weren’t disappointed!

How did the trip impact your relationship? Being able to explore a new country together, get new cultural experiences and adventures drew us together. Instead of going the typical tourists’ routes and going on the typical excursions, we decided to take the local buses and explore the city on our own. Our aim was to visit the places the locals ate and shopped, in addition to the typical tourist attractions.

What did you enjoy the most about the destination? We enjoyed the view of the ocean. We have been to a few tropical/beach destinations, and as far as the beauty of the oceans go, this one was definitely one of our top 3. We fell in love with Palm Beach the moment we saw it!
The other things we enjoyed were the water activities. We are big on water activities. We went snorkeling, snuba and scuba diving, and just generally swimming in the ocean.


Would you recommend the destination to other couples? Absolutely would recommend to another couple! One thing to note though is that everything on the island is a bit pricey, this includes dining and hotels. Some of the good hotels out there go as high as $500 a night. To save on hotel costs, we used Airbnb to find deals on hotel rooms and we highly recommend this for any couple considering a vacation in Aruba.

What didn’t you like or had to adjust to on the trip? Our vacation fell on the rainy season on the island (December time frame). Even though we are Nigerians, the mosquitoes we had to deal with were quite ferocious to say the least. LOL. Pack your insect repellent! Trust us, you’ll thank us later.
Also, there is a butterfly farm that is a tourist attraction. Don’t bother wasting your money visiting it as there were only a few butterflies.
Fun stuff/Tips for other couples or travelers? The food – If you are ever in Aruba, check out Zeerover Restaurant for the best seafood on the island at great prices. In downtown Oranjestad, there’s a pretty good restaurant called Mojitos Cantina and Grill. They have some pretty good food there also.


Roatan, Honduras

I’m sure you’re thinking, Honduras? Yes, Central America has some of the best hidden romantic gems in the world! But you wouldn’t have guessed, right? Because it is not your typical romantic destination spot. Let’s get some insights from the couple on their thoughts on Roatan, Honduras.
Why did you choose that destination?  The people are very friendly. The scenery was something out of a movie or a painting. The backdrop of the ocean behind the mountains is reminiscent of San Diego, CA. I think one thing we both agreed was that Roatan was somewhere we could both retire.
How did the trip impact your relationship? I (Karee) tried an activity that I had never tried before (Snuba Diving). It helped to bring out my adventurous side and get me more comfortable around water activities.
What did you enjoy the most about the destination? ………. *wow it must be a gem in paradise*
Would you recommend the destination to other couples?  Yes. We went there as one of the stops on a  7-day multi port Caribbean cruise and it was well worth it.
What didn’t you like or had to adjust to on the trip? Nothing
Fun stuff/tips for other couples or travelers?  We enjoyed ziplining in Roatan.

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