Exploring Eastern Europe

I decided to take a trip to Eastern Europe for 3 weeks. Today is my first day on the trip. This trip is mostly unplanned except for my round trip plane tickets from London into Sarajevo and from Budapest back to London. My itinerary from Bosnia to Croatia to Hungary is all up in the air depending on my successful attempt to cross the borders. I’m also attempting to blog as I travel around Eastern Europe (I’ll put up pictures I take from my iPhone and update later with more pictures from my camera)


I don’t know where I got this confidence that I can travel to any country and do fine all by myself. I think my first Euro Trip triggered this self confidence. I don’t even care anymore if I’m the only black person in the country (I feel like that right now in Sarajevo) I like that most times I venture to countries where I don’t speak their language with no fear at all of the worst that could happen. I just have this confidence. *fingers crossed on this trip*. Although I get nervous when I think of the worst but I try to stay positive and also try to be careful when I’m being too tourist (like me holding a map today in the old city of Sarajevo)


The one thing that sucks about having passports from developing countries is that there are so many gray areas with regards to visa requirements for many of these non-schengen European countries. I did my research and I still didn’t get definite information regarding if I needed the countries visa or if I could use my multi entry Schengen visa. I figured I’d find out at the border of each country I plan to visit on this trip and see if I’m let in. What was I thinking? Fortunately it worked for my first stop, Sarajevo. I can stay up to 7 days in Bosnia or more days perhaps (no maximum amount of day stamp on my passport at the border) but I’m sticking to 7 days per the visa requirements.


I’m super exhausted from traveling so I’m going to have a chill night today. Also, it’s raining here and I heard it’s going to be this way all week and probably gonna be the same in Croatia 😭😭(looking forward to sitting by the beach). I really hope a miracle happens. My idea of this trip is with no rain in my pictures.

I’m super excited to see what these countries have to offer. A perfect place for my Eat.Pray.Love experience. I hope to find some inspiration in this part of the world, so I can share it with y’all.

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“Exploring Eastern Europe”
  • I can’t wait to see your reports on this part of Europe, Croatia especially as l would like to visit someday. Thus list grows longer and longer. Have fun!

  • I am trying to just get to ONE overseas country and here you are skipping around the world every 4.5 days . (This is my version of throwing love and shade simultaneously) LOL.

      • I admire you for doing this trip. The Balkan region has a rich history, culture and nature that you can explore (though I’ve never been there). I also thought of crossing borders in the region but coming from a developing country as well (and without a multiple entry Schengen visa), I guess I have no choice but do that later when I’m better planned. I hope for less rains in your coming trips. xxx
        P.S. I’ll be in Kosovo in May; let me know if you include that in your itinerary. 🙂

        • The good news is with the multiple schengen visa we get to visit these countries. I didn’t know until I was planning the trip. This was when I added Bosnia to my trip and now I’m wishing I added more countries in the Balkan region. It’s a place I would want to visit again n this time visit more countries. I haven’t planned Kosovo in my trip but maybe I’ll look into it. I’m heading down to Croatia for some weeks the from there to Budapest ( at least that is the plan) . Have fun in Kosovo and perhaps I’ll get some inspiration from your posts and amazing pictures

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