What I Hate most about Traveling

While so many of us love traveling, I’m sure sometimes we hate it too. It’s just the way life is: Sometimes you love your job and sometimes you hate it. I felt this way on my recent trip to Cuba. After waiting over 5 hours for my flight delayed from Cuba to Miami, it came to me that as much as I loved traveling, I hated some things about it too. So I wanted to share some of the things I hate most about traveling, and would love to hear from you guys on your experiences too.

Immigration stamping a new/blank passport page. This for me and for many is a huge pet peeve. Why exactly are you scanning my passport looking to put your stamp on a fresh page that could be used for a visa? I know people who have passports that need visas (myself included) to most countries can understand this pain point. I wish they could have a training for immigration officers on how to stamp people’s passports. At least the New York US immigration officers do a good job stamping in order. Please keep it orderly, follow the other stamp trail. #thanksinadvance

People who don’t know how to take pictures.  Somehow I never get other people to capture nice pictures of me when I travel solo. I always wonder why people can’t take pictures properly. Simply focus and get nice angles – it’s easy right? Well, not for many. A lot of solo travelers end up taking pictures of the scenery and landscape, and if you’re motivated enough you lean in for a selfie. I bet my fellow solo travel lovers get this. Thank God for the invention of the selfie stick, but that selfie stick sometimes doesn’t get the nice angle or pose.

Having to check in your Carry-On. Flight attendants, please this is called a “carry-on” for a reason. Do not ask us to check in our carry-on bags when we planned to “carry it on”. Every time I am asked to check in my carry-on (especially to my final destination) while boarding, a switch in me just flips. Not because I want to be disobedient but because they never handle your bags properly and also wouldn’t take responsibility for any damages. I spend a decent amount on my carry-on and it just irks me I am asked to check it in while boarding, especially to a destination like Nigeria where I know they mishandle bags. Sigh.

Currency Exchange Kiosks at airports.  I honestly don’t know why these guys are at the airport, especially given that most times they are there to rip you off. A few airports have currency exchange kiosks that actually give you value for your money but more often than not, you’re losing a decent amount when you exchange money at the airport. I do understand why they are there: first access point to the destination’s local currency but dang, most people need value for their money!

Airports with very limited dining options. I realize that not every destination would have an airport as fancy as Hartfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta or Heathrow Airport in London but if as a country, you decide you want to have an airport, please consider that passengers may have super delayed flights and would want some decent dining options. I almost fainted from dehydration and hunger at Havana Airport because I didn’t eat before flight; my flight was delayed for almost 7 hours and I didn’t have any cash on me. Thank God for a nice lady who randomly asked me if I wanted water – this is how I survived. I’ll share more on my trip to Cuba in another post.

Airports with NO Wifi.  We are in 2016! Airports, please stay compliant with this new age and era of technology: everyone needs to stay connected. Passengers want to stay connected with their loved ones when they’re miles away. Business travelers want to get some work done during long layover times and of course millennials want to constantly share their travel moments with their followers.

Airports with little access to charging points.  This can be a big deal especially when your flight seat doesn’t have a charging point. It’s so hard to find a working charging point at Heathrow Airport in London. Why so scarce? Please airports, note that people need to stay connected during long layovers, so please consider making charging points more available. Some airports have charging areas – you can adopt this!

Stuck in between two “Randoms” in-flight. This may be touchy for some but honestly I don’t like it when I’m stuck between “randoms”, especially for long haul flights. The list of “randoms” is exhaustive: this can be someone who talks a lot in flight, a smelly person, an old Nigerian lady, children who never keep quiet, etc. Why can’t we ever get cute guys or girls sitting next to us on the flight? There needs to be some selection algorithm for that 

This is all we have for now. We would love to know what your travel pet peeves are – so join in the conversation!

I will share some handy tips/tricks on how to deal with some of these pet peeves in another blog post coming soon.

Share in the comments section your travel pet peeves/what you hate most about traveling.

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