A trip to UK’s Paradise – Bournemouth

I’m in London at the moment enjoying the last few days of civilization before heading to Nigeria where I would be trying to figure out how I can make a positive impact in the country where I was born and deserted a few years ago. I guess the Nigerian Yoruba saying that goes “Ajo o da bi ile” which literally means “The journey is not like home” aka “There is no place like home” is right on point. Somehow you always find your way back home – wherever home is. I am excited because I get to eat tons of great Nigerian food (I plan to be on a diet though LOL) but I am also scared and nervous because I will be experiencing severe reverse culture shock – I have to become “Nigerian” again to fit in (God knows I don’t want that).  The good news is it “may” be easier to get to travel within Africa while I’m in Nigeria, so I’m looking forward to that. Anywhoos, I figured before heading out to the concrete jungle of Lagos, Nigeria, I enjoy some of the best things the UK has to offer.


I spent a few days in London. It is a great and beautiful city but just too expensive for me and the weather is not so great. It is also one of the cities I have seen the most Nigerians and other Africans outside of Africa – It is absolutely unbelievable. I spend most of my time in London with family and catching up with old friends and just chilling indoors like every other non-touristy person in London. Maybe the next time I visit, I’ll be a tourist in London and have a different experience.  After a few days in London, I visited the town of Bournemouth.


I haven’t seen this vegetable setup since I left Nigeria

Bournemouth is definitely the UK’s paradise. I’m so glad I made it down here. It is so peaceful and beautiful and I’m sure you can guess the sea adds to that. Any town with a beach offers some sort of tranquility.  Bournemouth is a must visit when you are in the UK. You slowly begin to feel like you are in some other exotic European country when you’re in Bournemouth. The pretty colors of the cute beach houses, busy piers, kids playing on the beach, people running, cycling, and chilling out almost felt like I was in an episode of Jersey Shore. I visited a friend who lives in Bournemouth and I’m glad she invited me over. Thanks Chisom and James- you guys are such awesome hosts. On our way back from Bristol, we drove via the country side and the town of Bath which is absolutely beautiful with the sandy brick houses scattered all over the little hilly roads. It was such a pleasant ride although the roads did scare us – soo tiny!!

Some of the beautiful colors you see in Bournemouth

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Typical English Dinner 


 Mudeford Quay (where to buy fresh seafood, local Dover Sole fish, catch crabs, go fishing, and take walks)

We took a mini road trip to Bristol to go watch an upcoming music group called First Degree Burns. We stayed over at one of Chisom and James’s friends house in Bristol – they were very friendly people and great hosts. Bristol is another very interesting town – It is very eccentric, eclectic and diverse. It has something for everyone. I liked the mix of alternative,vintage, and modern culture that can be seen as you drive through the city. We didn’t spend much time exploring Bristol but we went for boozy brunch at The White Lion, which has an incredible view of the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. I hope to visit Bristol again someday.


 The famous suspension bridge

 There are only a few days in England when the sun comes out and I’m glad we got some of those during my days in Bournemouth. I’m heading back to London today, then off to Manchester for the weekend.  I’m excited to experience another town in the UK.





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“A trip to UK’s Paradise – Bournemouth”
  • I know I can be a bit “special” sometimes but…are those colorful units in Bournemouth storage’s or actual homes???? (covering my face)

    Thanks for taking me on a tour through Europe with you! I enjoyed all of your post’s! You definitely motivated me to actually take the necessary steps needed to visit some of the places on my “Countries and Cities” to visit list. I will be sure to keep you updated.

    Cheers to you going back home! Monie for minister of tourism!!!! Nigeria needs you! Looking forward to my tour of Nigeria and Africa through my favorite travel blog (countless miles) and hopefully joining you on one of your trips!!


    • hahah Bisi….some of them are storage’s and the slightly bigger ones are mini beach houses. I got confused with that as well and nobody could explain to me what they were but someone said a mini storage/changing room/cute house owned by people. Girl who knows lol

      You’re welcome anytime hun and I’m glad I was a mini inspiration. Make sure you take those trips though, very important.

      Minister for what?? Girl it’s definitely one of my goals but we shall see. I hope I can get to travel around Africa too given that stuff there is just archaic and looking forward to you coming on a trip with me 🙂 Let’s do it lol

      thanks one of my loyal reader *kisses*

  • Lovely post! Are you moving back home permanently? I certainly hope you will keep up the blog. ile a da ju Ajo lo o! Eat lots of dodo for me!

    • Thanks Kemkem. It’s somewhat temporary but a slightly longer stay. Given that I like to gallivant, I wonder how long it will take till I get bored of Nigeria and hop to another country haha. I do hope to keep blogging out there as soon as I get my internet sorted out (third world issues) and I’ll eat lots of dodo but on a diet level hahah (if that exists). Have a great weekend.

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