Quick Tips on How to travel easy

I couldn’t remember the last time I traveled without looking like a bag lady. On this trip, I did things differently. I traveled light – a carry-on bag and my handbag. In my carry-on, I packed a pair of pants, two tops, a dress and two pairs of shoes. I didn’t pack any liquids or toiletries.

On my return flight from Spain to London earlier this year, I made up my mind I’d only travel within the weight and bag restrictions (I came to realize there was a reason why airlines gave bag restrictions – promoting hassle free travel).  I refuse to get stressed over my luggage anymore.

There’s so much bliss in traveling light and it felt so good to experience this. One thing I learned from traveling is – you don’t need all the extra stuff. Keep your valuables at home – it eliminates the worry you get when you lose your bags, among so many other things.

Here are some of the joys of traveling light:
1. Very little airport hassle
2. You don’t look like a bag lady or guy
3. You avoid the long check-in lines
4. You don’t have to be at the airport 2 hours before
5. You feel light and good
6. The overall feeling is priceless


If you’re not sure how to pack light, here are some tips on packing for your trip:

1. Travel with your not so fancy clothes. You don’t need all the bling to have a great experience on your trip. Avoid traveling with your valuable items. If you have to, put them in your handbag. But be sure to bring your camera – you don’t want to forget to capture the memories.
2. For short trips, that is, 3-7 days, pack clothes for a 3 day trip and always travel with a carry-on bag. Drop the extra stuff, you don’t need it.
3. For longer trips, 2 weeks + – months, always pack clothes as though you were going for only 2 weeks. Again, drop all the extra stuff, the liquids, extra shoes. You won’t need them.
4. When you’re done picking out your clothes and packing, empty your suitcase and repack. Take out the extra items you can do without on the trip. You want to leave some space to accommodate things you buy at your destination
5. Don’t carry half a suitcase of toiletries. This was my weakness. I would dedicate an entire suitcase for toiletries – my face wash, lotion, shaving cream, Lysol, etc. Just travel with your essentials – facial wash and cream and whatever you can’t do without. Remember,  you can always buy the not so important things at your destination.

Remember that a hassle free trip means more fun for you. What are your own travel hassle free tips? Share some on here

“Releasing The Burdens You Were Never Intended To Bear” – Max Lucado

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“Quick Tips on How to travel easy”
  • I’m taking my first ‘hand luggage only’ trip in a few weeks. Like you, even if I’m going away for just a weekend, I absolutely have to have to have all my toiletries and other necessities with me. Let’s see how this one goes. xxx

  • So relevant. When I was living in Barca and traveling Europe, it took me paying a couple hundred Euro in airline fees for overweight/oversized bags over my first few trips for me to realize I needed to re-evaluate how I travelled. For me it was more of a mental shift as I really believed I needed everything I towed along with me. After those fees though, I sharply mastered the art of packing the essentials, packing practical clothes only, rolling clothes tightly, only packing things that served multiple functions etc.

    At some point during my travels, I took a 10 day trip with nothing but a backpack and a small cross body purse. It not only reduced stress, it just made me more nimble and I just felt…freer .

    The clincher is, going through that changed my entire outlook on how I think about accumulation of ‘stuff’ to this very day. So much of what we have is absolutely unnecessary. So much serves no purpose but to weigh us down. Reason #43242 why I love travelling. True embodiment of living and learning.

    • I couldn’t agree more UB. Honestly I’m off the extra stuff and my mantra is to be stress free going forward. Traveling allows you to experience a unique kind of freedom, that the extra luggage/weight defeats.

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