This U.S. Island is Perfect for Couples – Catalina Island, CA

In the spirit of love and St. Valentine, I interviewed three Nigerian/African couples. I asked them to share one of their favorite destination experiences traveling as a couple, why they chose the destination and if they’ll recommend the destination to other couples. So here is Part 1 of a 3-story series.

For so many Africans and I’m sure African couples, they end up traveling to the same destinations for their vacation or romantic getaways. But what you don’t know is that there are so many other countries all over the world you can explore that’ll give you a better experience than your usual go-to destination. Let’s see what the couples have to say about their experiences.

The first couple I interviewed went on a family vacation with their 1 year old son from Atlanta, GA to Catalina, CA.

Catalina, CA, USA

This off-the-beaten-path romantic destination spot within the US almost feels like you’re in an exotic island in the Caribbean.

Why did you choose that destination? We wanted a location within the US with an exotic feel.

How did the trip impact your relationship? That trip definitely drew us closer as a family. We bonded the entire trip. Prior to that I was always under the impression that kids had no business vacationing till the age of five but my son did so well (he was one at the time). We got to enjoy so much with him and see the world through his little eyes.



What did you enjoy most about the destination? I loved the gorgeous scenery. The island was so peaceful and windy. The food was amazing and so were the people. It was like being in a country on its own.


Would you recommend the destination to other couples? I would absolutely recommend this destination to couples who are looking to jet away for their honeymoon, anniversary, or just some quiet time together.


Fun stuff and tips for other couples or travelers? The main form of transportation on the island is via the golf carts. Be sure to take a tour around the entire island using the cart. The tour includes going up very high scary mountains *please no alcohol while doing this tour*. I tried to chicken out but hubby wouldn’t let me! I am glad I did not because it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The gorgeous views are amazing, so totally worth it!!


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