My Love-Hate Experience with Traveling

I read this article by Matt Monahan titled “The Lifestyle of the Young, Rich and Homeless”, right before I saw my friend’s Instagram tag to me to apply to become a Travel Noire curator. I was truly inspired by this article, so I thought to share my experience living out of a suitcase for the past 2 years.

IMG-20130613-WA0000My closet

I just really hate it when people ask me where I live because really, I don’t live anywhere.  Depending on where I am – I say NYC (my current local base), ATL (where I went to college), DC (where I have family), and sometimes I say Nigeria (where I grew up). It really just depends. The most frustrating relationship I have had so far in life – talk about love-hate. When I’m not on the client site in Chicago or somewhere in the boonies in a Midwestern state of the US, I’m circling the country visiting friends over the weekend or waiting for that last Priceline deal on hotels in NYC.  Then, there are those days I wish I had a place I could call home – you know, have my own mailbox, host friends (show them the hospitality they showed you), be able to get a driver’s license, and have your own closet to store up your nice things, especially when my storage space in NYC just recently got damaged by water and I lost everything. This is the love-hate thing I’m talking about.

1-898On the move again – Barcelona

Then there is the part I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for – my travel experiences. I wouldn’t have had life-changing experiences or met great people if I never left the comfort zone of my apartment, if I never gave it up to become a travel whore. Luckily for me, the new age we live in supports my lifestyle and I have been able to gain some independence with this unique lifestyle I have chosen. Thanks to UPS, I have my mailbox – an actual physical address, not a P.O.Box (yes, you can send me mailJ), I have a storage space to keep my travel antiques, I have great friends I can visit on weekends, I have mobile internet to stay connected to the world, then there’s Airbnb, hostels and Couchsurfing I can always rely on when I’m visiting a new city, and of course, hotels when I need ME time. Not so bad right? But then I also do wish I had a fridge so I can put up all the magnets I buy from my travels. This love-hate relationship!!!

IMG_4069Lunch with a view – Prague

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“My Love-Hate Experience with Traveling”
  • One things that keeps popping up in my mind while reading this is all the Instagram comments on holiday pics about people wanting to trade their lives for yours. And how i hit you up the other day asking if you ever got used to turbulence.

    All in all, I wish you a fulfilled life.

  • I was reading an article recently about” The regret dying patient and older people have before dying” and basically they wish they had travel more and work less. Then I remember Monie.i salute your courage, you doing what most people wish they can do.

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