The old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was a mini rainy day on May 4th in Dubrovnik. It rained all morning and then got better later in the afternoon. Myself and my roomie walked around the old town. There isn’t much to do here. Your best bet is to walk around the old towns mini streets, get lost within the walls, enjoy the white brick walls and street lights decorated with the shops name. This gives the town a cool feel to it. There are so many stray cats in Dubrovnik.







20140506-134158.jpgThis dog was just the cutest and every dog wanted to talk to her

20140506-134224.jpgToday I walked the walls of the city. It’s cool but if you’re on a budget you’re not missing much. It’s one of those things you just say yes I’ve do e it. I walked the walls of the old town of Dubrovnik but there isn’t much t it other than the views of the old town and the surrounding Adriatic Ocean. It costs about $20 or 15 euros or 100kuna ( Croatian currency).






There was this Croatian guy who was pretty much stalking me the entire time I was in Dubrovnik. I tried to avoid him but I kept running into him everyday. He even threatened to have me beat if I keep playing games with him. Glad I am leaving Dubrovnik today for Split and I don’t have to see the man again.

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“The old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia”
  • Hello Monie,

    if you have time, I suggest visiting some croatian islands. They are all very beautiful and unique. Since you are going to Split, the nearest is Brac island, which is only 20 minutes away form Split by ferry.

    Have fun!

    • Hey Gasper thank you. I visited Brač and it was really nice. I went to Bol beach. Didn’t get to swim much cos the water is cold but I did enjoy laying down on the beach n walking around the island

      • It’s still a bit too cold for swimming yes, but at least you get to see the beach with fewer tourists πŸ™‚ Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches, so it can get crowded in the high season. I thinks it was voted Croatia’s best beach many time πŸ™‚
        Will you be visiting any other islands?

        • It was so cold but I saw a couple of people swimming but not me. I did get into the water but that was not fun haha. Yes it was beautiful n exactly what I needed: not packed but perfect. I visited Hvar and Ugljan islands. I hope to do a sail Adriatic cruise some day ( that way I get to experience more of the water life)

  • Lol @ your stalker! Reminded me of that man on your way back to Malaga and the african restaurant … Hahaha the thirst is REAL. Glad you are having a fab time, might have to join you on one of these trips πŸ™‚

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