Our Favorite Things To-Do in Washington, D.C.

At first glance, Washington D.C to many tourists is just a city that connects the world to the US President and The White House, however, the District of Columbia (D.C) has so much more to offer than just political discussions.  We personally love the working class and artsy vibes of Washington, D.C. It is fast becoming a hotspot for young professionals looking for a city vibe that is less hectic than New York City and a hotspot for creatives looking for a city that is open minded to culture, arts, and the alternative lifestyle.

Here is a list of our favorite ways to explore and experience the District of Columbia:

  • Explore D.C.’s Artsy “H” Street: One of our favorite ways to explore a city is to experience the different neighborhoods. Our favorite neighborhood to explore in D.C. is H Street. H street is fast becoming D.C.’s top spot for the creatives. The street has an artsy, cultural, and alternative vibe. You can find creatively decorated restaurants, cool bars, artsy tattoo shops, and so much more. There is something for anyone looking to connect with their creative side on H Street. It is also a great alternative to D.C.’s famous U Street.

  • Watch the sunset with a view of the historic District:  Washington D.C. is home to some of America’s best rooftop bars and lounges. D.C is known for its rooftop happy hours and summer day and brunch parties. Besides the amazing view and charm of D.C.s rooftop bars, you can most definitely watch the sunset while catching a glimpse of the historic city’s monuments and skyline. One of our favorite spots to enjoy D.C’s rooftop charm is The Rosewood Washington D.C Hotel located in upscale Georgetown.

Photocredit: Andrew Harper

  • Eat Eat Eat: D.C has always been known for its great food selection and diversity of restaurants. In recent time, more restaurants are opening up thus creating more diversity of options to dining in the District. You can eat fancy at any of D.C’s famous seafood restaurants (The Smith) or switch up your taste buds with authentic Thai and African food or enjoy a great Italian-American Style pizza (&Pizza) or simply opt for any of D.C’s famous food truck experiences. There is something for everyone’s budget. The District is also famous for its Shisha joints; enjoy one at a fancy lounge or a local Ethiopian restaurant.

    Photocredit: The Smith

  • Explore the Historic District: One of my personal favorites things to do in D.C is to explore the historical sites and monument. As we know, D.C is home to the US President and numerous monuments and museums.  Exploring D.C.s historical sites is a great way to learn about US history. You can also enjoy a day in the park as you explore D.C.s historical sites. My favorite place to connect with history is the National Museum of American History; there is so much history in there. It is beyond amazing.
  • Explore D.C’s Underground life: You may not know this but D.C. has a rich history in the underground life dating from the Prohibition era.  There are quite a few speakeasies to explore while in the District; all with their own unique vibe and charm.  Exploring D.C’s speakeasy is a good way to experience the Districts upcoming alternative lifestyle scene.

  • Day Trip to Virginia or Maryland:  You should definitely explore nearby cities of Virginia or Maryland either by road or rail. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a day by the waterfront in  Alexandria, Virginia or grab authentic African cuisine in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Photocredit: Skydive Orange




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