My Greek Experience

Our personalized CM curated experience was exactly what we wanted for our trip to Greece. Our experience was flexible enough that it allowed us to mix and match CM destination recommendations with our personal travel needs and budget. Overall, it worked out pretty well.
PS: I apologize in advance for minimal pictures of my trip to Greece. I lost my phone on this trip and as a result lost all my pictures, This is what I could recover from my trip. Hope you still enjoy reading!

Views from Fira

We started off in Athens, Greece. We caught the train from the airport to our AirBnB  in Psyrri, Athens. The location was prime very close to Acropolis. I would definitely recommend the AirBnB to others.

Greece Chilling

We planned on seeing a lot of the historical sites the day we arrived in Athens, however, because we got out late after a long day traveling, the sites were closing (they typically close around 6pm). Nevertheless, we were still able to explore as much as we could. We later met up with Adeola of Distinguished Diva (thanks CM for connecting us with a local in Greece) at the center square and had dinner with beautiful views of the Acropolis from our table.

Donkey Ride to the Mountain Top

The next day we headed to the Town of Milos, Greece. We caught the speed boat (Thank God on time) and got to the island in 2.5 hours. When we arrived, we caught a cab outside of the port. OMG the place is so relaxing and picturesque; it is a very laid back island.  We stayed at Tania Milos Hotel; this CM hotel recommendation was awesome, it was just at depicted in the pictures. The owner Tania was the sweetest. We ended up going to a Pollonia beach and then headed for dinner with a beach view. We actually wished we spent one more day in Milos.

Beach Chilling in Milos

The following morning, we headed to Santorini, Greece. Unfortunately this was the day I forgot my cell phone on the boat, lost my phone and pictures. We stayed at the Hostel San Giorgio Villa; this CM recommended hostel was very basic but did the job. The hostel was basically in the center of the city of Fira; the scenery was very much city like, giving us similar vibes to Athens. We went to the Red Sand Beach, the terrain was very rough, and we had to do a bit of climbing to get to the beach. It was just an okay experience, not one I would recommend as a must-do.

The roasted corn was so delicious

Corn Loving

We hiked from Fira to Oia (Weeahh) and the views were just breath taking. The hike was about 3-3.5 hours long. We got a little turned around along the way, but we were very happy we took the hike. While in Oia we enjoyed some grilled corn on the cob (it was so good), then we caught a bus back to Fira. As recommended by CM, we rented a 4- wheeler and headed to Black Sand Beach. It was beautiful, more commercial, several restaurants, bars, etc. at the beach side.

Greece Views

Santorini at Night

Overall Greece was beautiful; the views were wonderful. It simply reminded me of how awesome God is; as his works are unfathomable. I can’t wait to ask CM to plan my next trip, still thinking of a destination, will let you know 🙂
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