Live Like a Local in Lagos

Tired of staying in hotels? If you want to experience Lagos like a local, then opt for an apartment living option. This is a great way to meet locals, have a local take you around town, live like a local, and enjoy the comfort of being in a homely space. The flexibility allows you to go grocery shopping, cook some local cuisine or even your home cuisine if you’re feeling homesick, and have the much-needed privacy you’re looking for. Here are some great options for apartment housing:

1.Woco – This is a tight community of friends sharing housing and workspaces in Africa and the Caribbean. You can experience the beauty of our continents through the eyes and homes of the carefully selected friends a.k.a. hosts on the site. Guests seek hosts who match their personality preferences and whose spaces match their preferred living and working conditions. Your friend is your tour guide during your stay. Saving money while making a local friend sounds like a great way to enjoy a vacation.

2. AirBnB – This is also an alternate option to using WoCo. If you’re looking to rent out an entire apartment and you want a more private stay, then this is great option to go with. As always, be sure to check reviews before you book your apartment.

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