How to avoid the Instagram Tourist Crowd While Traveling

If you are anything like me when you travel, you probably want your travel experience to be as authentic as possible. Authenticity in traveling can be correlated to living and acting like a local at your destination. One thing we know for sure is that most locals, especially if you’re from New York, avoid tourist locations, attractions, and hangouts. As you explore new destinations, it is important to visit the must do tourist attractions, however, it is also essential you gain a meaningful experience from the trip. This can be achieved by exploring the destination like a local.

Destination: Mount Norquay, Banff Alberta 

So, here are a few ways to explore like a local, avoid the unnecessary tourist crowd, take pictures with unobstructed awesome views, and fully engage while traveling:

  1. Travel during Low Season: Low season travel is great not only because you avoid multitudes of tourists, but also because you save so much in travel costs. Typically, tickets and hotels are priced lower during the non-peak seasons; enjoy really cheap flight deals and stay in 5-star hotels for half the price. Before planning commences, be sure to research low seasons for your destination of interest.
  2. Wake up early to beat the crowd: If you want to cross out a tourist attraction off your bucket list, the best way to experience it is to wake up early to avoid the crowd. Typically most sites would be quiet in the early mornings from 6 – 9am. This gives you an opportunity to take your pictures with less people in the background and enjoy the attraction without feeling overwhelmed.

    Destination: Budapest, Hungary

  3. Visit the non-popular tourist destinations: Traveling to non-popular destinations is a great way to avoid tourist crowds. Some destinations are less popular than others but offer so much in terms of the overall travel experience. For example, spending a day in Utrecht, approximately a 30-minute train ride from Amsterdam, gives you a different perspective about the region.
  4. Explore the off beaten path in a popular tourist destination: As with traveling to non-popular destinations, you can also explore non-touristy cities, sites and attractions within a popular tourist destination. This allows you the opportunity to visit both touristy and non-touristy sites and attractions, thus making the most of your experience.

    Destination: St. Lucia; Photocredit: Aimee F. Oh

  5. Visit the tourist site during down time: Most tourist attractions/sites have down times. It is okay to visit them during the quieter hours of the day. For example, you can visit a museum either early in the morning or during the off peak times.
  6. Hang out with the locals: Spending quality time with the locals is a good way to avoid tourist crowds. More often than not, the locals have insider information on events, restaurants, activities, among others, providing you a more fulfilling and engaging experience. This allows you to connect with the destination on a more intimate level.

    Destination: Malta; Photocredit: Elizabeth SO

These are a few ways you can avoid tourist crowds. Are there any other methods/ways you employ to avoid tourist crowds when you travel? Please share with us in the comment section


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