Eat.Pray.Love in Bali

In this new edition of #CMinterviewseries, interviews of Africans defying the odds in global travels, we interviewed one of our favorite travelers, Suzan, on her trip to Bali, Indonesia. We were very excited to hear her experience and glad she shared it with us.  Here is what she had to say about her Eat.Pray.Love experience in Bali:

  • Where did you visit and why? How long was the trip?

In 2014, I went to Bali, Indonesia and vacationed there for three days. I normally like to travel somewhere internationally at least once a year to just relax my mind and escape the daily demands of life. I wanted to get my Julia Roberts on and “Eat, Pray and Love”..and decided what better place to do that than go where Julie went… Bali!

  • Where did you stay, eat or what would you recommend for travelers based on your experience?

I stayed in a place called Ubud and was living in a private vacation home that came with live-in housekeeping and an infinity pool during my stay. For breakfast, I would have: eggs, fresh fruits and a cup of juice. I also remember having fish one night by the beach. Other than that, I seriously can’t remember what I ate during my stay. ​

How did the trip impact you as a person? Any self-awareness or development lessons or something you discovered about your personality on the trip?

There is no better way to get to know yourself than traveling alone to another country. I always research any destination that I am considering of visiting to look up safety/travel information (especially if I am traveling alone, as I did on this holiday). During this trip, I was in complete solitude and enjoyed every minute of it. I realized, ultimately, it’s you that creates the peace you desire. 


  • What did you enjoy most and least about the destination?

What I liked most about Ubud, was the hospitality and how nice the people were. Also, the views of the rice fields are breathtaking. I can’t really think of what I liked the least. 

  • What would you do better on your next trip to this destination?

It would have been awesome if I knew the language so that I could communicate with the people of Bali in their language.

  • What tips do you have for other African travelers? (destination related or just general)

This tip is for anyone in general… Travel as much and as often as you can. Traveling to me is therapeutic… it’s my sugar rush, my shopping addiction; it’s the one thing I said, I would do as much and as often as I can. I love meeting people in different countries and hearing their stories or seeing how different we are but yet have so many commonalities.

  • And of course, any other fun stuff you can think of – maybe activities you did or would recommend as a must do.

Visit Tanah Lot. It’s a famous temple located on the beach that provides a great place to take pictures. I also attended a traditional Balinese show that was pretty amazing. Don’t leave without checking out the amazing views of the rice fields.

  • Finally, how would you rate your overall trip experience? (food, destination experience, cost, a must visit, etc)

 I would rate my overall trip experience to Bali a 7.5/8. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, the people were friendly and I definitely retuned from my vacation more relaxed…so I guess mission-Eat, pray and love were accomplished. 

Love, Suzan, CM Interviewee

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