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Our Favorite Things To-Do in Washington, D.C.

At first glance, Washington D.C to many tourists is just a city that connects the world to the US President and The White House, however, the District of Columbia (D.C) has so much more to offer than just political discussions.  We personally love the working class and artsy vibes of

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My Seattle Experience

I was super excited about my trip to Seattle, Washington for a number of reasons: It was my first solo trip exploring West Coast US, It was my first time in Seattle. I’d always wanted to visit since I watched Sleepless In Seattle, It was my connecting city to Canadian

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My Greek Experience

Our personalized CM curated experience was exactly what we wanted for our trip to Greece. Our experience was flexible enough that it allowed us to mix and match CM destination recommendations with our personal travel needs and budget. Overall, it worked out pretty well. PS: I apologize in advance for

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Food Love in Vancouver

On my flight from Chicago to Vancouver, I sat next to Felipe from Brazil. Felipe ended up being a good friend in my three days in Vancouver. I definitely encourage chatting with those around you particularly if you travel alone. That person could very well be your new travel buddy.

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