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7-Step Guide to Planning Your First Solo Euro-Trip

We all know that planning a trip can be daunting and putting together your first euro-trip, especially with multiple destinations involved, can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. Furthermore, as a female African traveler, there are myths around traveling solo or fears around safety coupled with inadequate online resources to guide

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My Greek Experience

Our personalized CM curated experience was exactly what we wanted for our trip to Greece. Our experience was flexible enough that it allowed us to mix and match CM destination recommendations with our personal travel needs and budget. Overall, it worked out pretty well. PS: I apologize in advance for

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Rome from My Lens – Diary of an African Girl

My very first (and so far only) solo foray was to Rome, Italy. It was no “Eat, Pray, Love and be one with yourself” kind of trip. I actually ended up on my own by accident. I wish the story of how I ended up on my own was as

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A trip to UK’s Paradise – Bournemouth

I’m in London at the moment enjoying the last few days of civilization before heading to Nigeria where I would be trying to figure out how I can make a positive impact in the country where I was born and deserted a few years ago. I guess the Nigerian Yoruba

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