A Couple’s Trip You Probably didn’t think About – San Jose, Costa Rica

In the spirit of love and St. Valentine, I interviewed some Nigerian/African couples. I asked them to share one of their favorite destination experiences traveling as a couple, why they chose the destination and if they’ll recommend the destination to other couples. Here is Part 3 of a 3-story series. Want to catch up on Part 2 of 3? Click here.

The final couple I interviewed, traveled as an engaged couple from New York to San Jose, CR. 

San Jose, Costa Rica

I visited San Jose, CR about 4 years ago and I never saw the urbanized city as a romantic destination, but my interview with this couple changed my perspective on San Jose’s charm, which can be a perfect getaway trip for couples looking to mix adventure, landscape scenery and a peaceful getaway.


Why did you choose that destination? Funny story! We chose Costa Rica because of candy! Someone offered us guava-flavored candy which we had never tasted before. When we asked where she got it from, she said Costa Rica and proceeded to tell us how awesome it was out there. That piqued our interest and we started researching. After seeing pictures and reading reviews, we realized we had no choice but to see Costa Rica for ourselves.



How did the trip impact your relationship? We have been to quite a few places as a couple but Costa Rica was the definition of the perfect trip. We were happy the whole time and every time we think back to it, we relive it and smile.
What did you enjoy the most about the destination? We enjoyed a lot of things; it’s hard to narrow it down to one. The food was amazing! A lot of things we ate reminded us of Nigerian food which was great! The people were also amazing. They just seemed genuinely happy, respectful and welcoming. The COFFEE!!! They have the best coffee in the world. We got to tour a coffee plantation and it was awesome to see the process of taking the coffee beans and transforming them to deliciousness!!!

Would you recommend the destination to other couples?
Absolutely! We have told everyone we know about Costa Rica. We definitely have a couples’ trip with our close friends on the horizon.

What didn’t you like or had to adjust to on the trip?
The only downside is that there is a tax you pay when you get to the airport to depart the country. No one tells you about this tax until you are about to leave so if you spend all your money, you will definitely have issues at the airport. We saw a few families at the airport that were stranded because of it and it was sad.
Fun stuff/tips you can think of? Pura Vida!!!


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